Web dev. 101

So basically every web site has a database on the server, where all the data is kept usually. It’s a sql database you need a program that lets you get information from the browser, send it to server, and then the server needs a way to store that information the program to send the data is called php. It’s server side, meaning the server uses php to store the data into the sql databse. so for example, user puts in their name, then this name is store int the sql database of the server.
ajax is useful because it allows you to send packets of information to the server without having to reload the entire web site you should go to here to read about these: http://www.w3schools.com/
if you are doing this work, you need to at least know what it is you are trying to outsource, otherwise how do you even know if they are doing it correctly? on the left hand side of the web site it says Learn ajax. I suggest first you read Learn html.  and,…. ask your friend to make everything HTML5 to make sure its easy to implement and crossplatform comaptible, especially for mobile applications.

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