As much as our conversations were centered on developing a model for having users book flights and hotels, we realized that this would not be our main selling point as interviews continued through to week 2.

Lesson 1 – There is no existing solution to social travel. The way that people currently have an element of social in their travel now is that one person hears about info from a 3rd person or books that no one else has seen a reprint of in many years. This is not the most intuitive solution

Lesson 2 – People look at various channels to decide on a holiday destination. They watch TV (Lonely Planet), read travel guides and most of all ask other people! We need to tap into this behavior and create a trusted community for the social travel experience.

So, we re-worked our problem statement to pivot around all these insights.

Pivot 1 – The social one stop shop in Social Travel Experience

Imagine you and your friends are coming to visit Dubai. Some of them are coming from LA, few others from London, someone else from NY. You all really want to have a great time at Dubai but the experience of formulating an itinerary has everyone in a fix. No one wants to own up to it but everyone has an opinion and a constraint. We will optimize the utility of your travel experience from beginning to end. We will let you know the best itineraries and the best places of interest in and around your destination, allow you to communicate seamlessly while traveling, and then form a permanent impression when you are done.

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