Mentor Insights – Week 3

This was an extremely eventful week, much of it spent with a notebook and running around Ray’s. After a timely meeting (I would go so far as calling it an intervention) with Jon Feiber, we were flummoxed by our inability to carry over what we were saying to mean what we had in our minds.

We learnt a number of invaluable lessons in our meeting with Jon. After being told that our vision for a platform where everything that had destination as the Middle East would be served, Jon turned to us and made us think of any startup that began with such an expansive vision and not just a single product. We grasped in the dark and could not recall of any such vision. After looking at the excel sheet for a while where our peers had taken the time to look at our idea, we realized that we were being very generic. We had a vision of where we want to be, lets call it point B. We had a vision of where we are, lets call it point A. But we had scant idea of how to go from point A to point B. This was where our Achilles Heel lay.



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