Customer Insights – Week 3 – Patterns in sand

After a hectic round of interviewing, we pivoted around our central idea of providing an itinerary.  We gleaned a number of very interesting insights from the interviewees. Some of the most startling insights are detailed below

“I need the cheapest tickets, anything more for travel, I am just not willing to pay for a premium on that” – An expat on his journey to Egypt

“There is a huge premium that is priced on baggage, I want to minimize the amount that it will cost me in add-on costs” – On the woes of having a maximum 2 checked in bags policy

“If I book a ticket on Saudi Air from Jeddah to New York round trip, I get it at 800$, the same is worth 1400$ on British Airways.” – Onus is on us to provide the cheapest deals for price sensitive travelers

“Why would I go to your site if I already have a million websites that I check on? What is your value add?” – Another valid question from one of our interviewees

“I want better results but Kayak has options that I can use pretty well myself” – Hypercompetition

“I know what I want to do in Dubai, why should I come to you? I grew up there remember?” – An expat, furious at us doubting his local knowledge

“Sometimes I do layovers, sometimes I dont, sometimes I prefer air-miles sometimes, I also want to stop over at Heathrow at times and at other times, De-Gaulle works well for me” – By this time, we could not see a pattern if it hit us in the face

“Best deal? Isnt that what hotwire is for?” – And yet more competition

“There aren’t any direct flights you know, Its just a way that makes a 16 hour journey even more miserable” – And yet more desperation

But then there were always more than a few steps to epiphany. And when they came, they came thick and fast

“We all use travel agents, even when going from here to Istanbul” – A crucial nugget of information

“Its nice to have company on a long arduous journey when we are going to be cooped up for 16 hours at a time” – Another crucial piece of the puzzle

“Even if I end up there, what will I do there? I mean I have no issues with the place but what do we do over there?” – Screams out that an itinerary is wanted

“Ex-pats know the place, we know exactly how much we want to travel in and around and which places to go to. We have families there remember?” – Ex-pats are not looking good at the moment

” Book a hotel and plan an itinerary? What are my cousins going to say?” – Shock and awe, not what our hypothesis had suggested

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