Interviews this week – Young and affluent into adventerous training

Target market:

  • Young: 24 – 32
  • Affuent: 130k+ salary
  • Adventurous: travel often + interest in adventurous trips


  • Safety is number one concerns?
  • When safety is ensured, what is the next criteria?

>> Details of individual interviews this week


Highland Capital Partners Mixer Event – Feb 2

Interviewees matched target market criteria

  • Product Managers at Startup funded by Highland Capital
  • Investment Professionals

Key finding:

  • Ideas are interesting
  • Need to find a compelling way to deliver safety


Management Consulting Managers

  • Often take advantage of companies travel policy to visit countries around current project.
  • When not booking through company travel agency, they often book hotels and flights using membership points collected from business travel.
  • Leverage network of co-worker in local office for travel information

Private Equity Associates

  • Specific safety concerns (taken hostage, armed assaults, … )

Senior Engineer at Large High-tech Companies

  • Hard to form a small group because it’s hard to reach consensus from different concerns

Successful entrepreneurs

  • Despite traveling a lot, still have a misconception about safety in Middle East

Some choice quotes followed by our interpretation

  • “I do not want to do tourist-y things” | A need to experience the local culture and not be treated as a tourist
  • “I have thought about the middle east but I do not know what all to do when I am there” | A local knowledge which is not easily available to the enthusiasts
  • “I dont want to do the same things that everyone else does” | A similar need to experience the culture, no cookie cutter packages
  • “I want to explore, but safely. Like taking risks with my time and money without taking a risk on my life” | A need to go off the beaten track and experience the culture. An adventure but not in the dictionary definition
  • “I have done these things already, I find that for me to be interesting,they have to be different” | A need to be given something unique in terms of the value proposition



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