So after 4 weeks of aggressively pursuing the option of traveling to the Middle-East, we have decided to drop the idea altogether. No matter whichever pipeline we wanted to move, it seemed like the market would not be a burgeoning big ticket item. In our presentations, research and analysis, we have uncovered significant details which would help us in our next great idea. It would not be fair on the rest of the pivots that we have done in this class to call our current offering a pivot. We would much rather call it a significant move.

NUDGE is a service that inspires you to travel by drawing on your own travel history and that of your friends and family as inspiration for your next journey. We aim to draw on the experiences of our customer research and what factors influence travel from their viewpoint.We focused on some very meaningful thoughts that focused on the genesis of an idea. What makes a person take a trip in the first place? What motivates you to travel? These were only some of the major questions that we posed in our interviews. We conducted 17 in-person interviews and 10 surveys and here are some of the reactions that we got

“I would want to know where all I can go, it is often a trusted source who I fall back on for ideas. If I am able to get a trusted source to tell me what a great time s/he had, my decision becomes that much easier”

“I know they are in there in camera albums, chips, flickr feeds, facebook. But they are byte sized pieces, not memories”

“I would use a service like this, the level of intrusiveness is of course very important to me, but if we get this running, I would use it”

“I dont really know of anyone who does similar things, I know if they did, I would use it”




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