What we did when we went out of the building

The last week was spent in no less a state of commitment to action than the previous weeks. We built and launched the site with the video of a nudge and we allowed people to feel our value proposition out. After that, we blasted the beta site out and had more than 40 e-mail signups. These sign-ups were at an astonishing 42% rate (People who left their ID versus people who actually visited the site). They spent a lot of time on the site on average trying out different nudges (to a tune of 2 and a half minutes each). After realizing that we had reached a diverse enough populace with our blasts, we decided to reach out to the people who wanted to be nudged. We gave them tailored nudges based on our understanding of what the user is like and we had a good supra 40% affirmative response rate.


We also sweetened the deal with a hot air balloon trip also up for grabs for a luck nudgee

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